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Apr 08, 13Weekly Events is lined on

All Server
Saturday 0:00 - Sunday 23:59 Every week
In order to enrich the game experience at weekends, we have grandly introduced the weekly events of DCII. These events are made for every player in game. Come and free your passions, join the weekly Dragon’s Merrymaking.
No.1 Special Discount
During the event time, summon Frodo in Ring Escort will enjoy a 50 % discount. Only 100 Dragon Gold for Frodo!
No.2 Romantic Weekend
Are you still depressed about the high price for 99 flowers? Now you only need to pay 49 Dragon Gold to send 99 flowers during the event period. What are you waiting for! Let’s flood the flower rain in DCII and have a Romantic Weekend.
No.3 Event Participation Reward
Everyone who has released the World Boss system, Death Match system and Guild War then join them during the event time will gain a extra gift package which contain rich prize!

Gorzt Dragon's Call II Team