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Jan 11, 15January.12th Maintenance & Patch Note

We will be performing server maintenance from 03:15 AM to 05:15 AM, January 12th, 2015 [EST] in all servers. If maintenance fails to be completed on schedule, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly.
Patch Note:
New Functions
1. New Activities – New Year Celebration
New Year has already been! Following on Christmas, this is New Year celebrating!We have prepared a series of events for you, you will be able to join the activities and get wonderful rewards!
2. New System – C.E Ranking
New Special Effects for C.E display. Click C.E will open a new page which shows the ways to improve C.E and C.E Ranking!
3. New Skill – Earthquake
The sixth skill of protagonists which named Earthquake will be added! New skill brings new power!
4. New Function - Property Training
Add new function in Train system in Character page. Players can choose Property Training to train character by using corresponding training scrolls. Pay more attention to events in the future for new items! You couldn’t miss it!
System Improvement & Optimization
1. Optimize function of Summon the Queen in Escort. The Queen can be summoned by many players together!
2. Train button in Character page will be Ash showing when the value of attributes is full in current level.
3. Optimize displaying of character information on the upper left of main page. And unify typeface of Icon in main page.
4. Add new tip when there is no buying time for A.P.
5. Add special effect in head portrait when player is level up.
6. Add Skip function to skip epitasis.
7. Optimize displaying of skill effects.
8. Add tips for C.E when it has any changes. Players can see if your C.E is increased or reduced when you do any action for it.
9. Add rewards contents of quests when accept and finish them.