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Jan 11, 15Hello 2015!

Hello 2015!
Following on Christmas, this is New Year celebrating!
For new days, for better lucky, for all of life!
Wish we will be better in 2015! Just singing, laughing and cheering!
Hello New Year! Hello 2015!
I. New Chest -- New Year Treasure Chest

The New Year Treasure Chest can be bought inMerchantfrom January 13th 0:00to January 31th 23:59 (Server Time).
Open the Treasure Chest to randomly obtain one of the following:
Gold*100k ,Honor*20k,Action Points*30 ,Snowflake*1 ,Dragon Gold*30,Reputation*1000 ,Action Points*60,Demon Shard II*1,Demon Shard III*1,Demon Shard IV*1*1,Horoscope Debris*30
II. Online activities
Event I:
[Event Duration]: January 13th– January 19th (Server Time)
Event 1: Hello 2015 - Refresh the Holy Water or Treasure Box Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Refresh Altar:(0/10)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, refresh Holy Water or Treasure Box 10 times in Altar every day to claim amazing rewards.
100KGold;Action Pint*50,Christmas Seed*1
Event 2: Hello 2015 - Fight in the Arena Every Day and Gain reward!
[Goal]: Arena: (0/20)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who fight in the Arena reach 20 times every day will be rewarded.
100K Gold,Skill Potion IV*1,Snowflake*1
Event3: Hello 2015 - Shoot for the Stars!
[Goal] Use Astrology to get rewards Every Day!
[Event Description]:
Do your best to gain sweet Astral, a symbol of a good harvest, in the Astral System and be handsomely rewarded! But don’t wait too long since this activity will only be offered during September revelry! (The Auto Divine is also available)
100 times50K Gold, Action Points *10,Christmas Seed*1
300 times100k Gold,Dragon Gold*5, Action Points*20, Christmas Seed*2
500 times150k Gold,Dragon Gold*10,Reputation*100, Snowflake *1
1000 times300k Gold, Dragon Gold*15,Reputation*220,Horoscope Debris *1,Snowflake *2
2000 times500K Gold,Dragon Gold*20, Reputation*300, Horoscope Debris *2,Snowflake *3
Event4:  Hello 2015 - You Consume, We Pay!
[Goal] Consume Dragon Gold: (0/1000)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, users who consume 1000 Dragon Gold will be rewarded. (The sum of recharge will be reset at once after you claimed the reward.)
200k Gold, Honor*4000, Reputation*200, Anti-block Gem II*1, Snowflake *3
Event II:
[Event Duration]: January 19th– January 24th (Server Time)
Event 1:Hello 2015 - Consume Action Point and Gain Wonderful Prize!
[Goal]: Consume Action Points (0/500)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who consumed action point reaches 500 in a day will be rewarded by wonderful prize.
[Event Bonus]:
100k Gold, Reputation*200, Hammer*1,Snowflake*1
Event2:  Hello 2015 - Dragon Lair Daily
[Goal]: Through the Dragon Lair: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, fight and through 5 floors in Dragon Lair every day to gain rewards! (The sweeping is also available.)
100k Gold, Action Point*10, Crystal Shard*5, Snowflake*1
Event 3: Hello 2015 - Refresh the Envoy in Escort System Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Refresh Envoy in Escort: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, Players who refresh the Envoy 5 times in Escort system will be rewarded.
200k Gold, HP Gem II*1, Christmas Seed*2
Event4: Hello 2015 -Crystal Purify Daily
[Goal]: Purify Crystal every day and gain reward!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, purify your crystal in Beset system 10 time, 50 times and 100 times to gain reward!
Purify 10 times: 300k Gold, Blood Soul Stone I*1, Crystal Shard*30, Christmas Seed*1
Purify 50 times:800k Gold, Treasure Key*2, Reputation*500, Crystal Shard*60,Snowflake*1
Purify 100 times: 1000k Gold, Lv3 CapEss IV*1(+Critical Rating) *1, Treasure Key*5, Crystal Shard*100,Snowflake*2
Event 5:Hello 2015 - Explore the Treasure of Dragon King and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Explore Treasure of Dragon King: (0/1; 0/10; 0/30; 0/50)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who explore Treasure of Dragon King 1 time, 10 times, 30 times and 50 times in a day will be able to gain wonderful rewards!
[Event Bonus]:
Explore 1 time will receive:100k Gold,Action Point Potion III*1
Explore 10 times will receive: 200K Gold,Blood Soul Stone I*1, Harmer*1, Christmas Seed*1
Explore 30 times will receivePotion III Pack*1, Horoscop Debris*2, Hammer*2,Snowflake *1
Explore 50 times will receive:  AP*100, Harmer*3, Attack gem gift III*1,Horoscop Debris*5,Snowflake *2
Event III:
[Event Duration]: January 24th– January 30th (Server Time)
Event1:  Hello 2015 - Seal Fiend Daily
[Goal]: Seal Fiend: (0/1)
During the event time, open guild events and join Seal Fiend every day to gain rewards! (The reward will be activated after you gain the reputation gift from Seal Fiend only.)
Reputation*100, Action Point*20, Christmas Seed*1
Event 2: Hello 2015 - Henchman Daily
[Event Description]:
During the event time, conquer the other players or revolt your past master 3 times to gain reward.
100k Gold, Honor*2000, Strength Potion IV *1, Snowflake*1
Event 3:Hello 2015 - Death Match Daily
[Goal]: Take Part in the Death Match: (0/1)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, join the Death Match every day to gain reward.
100K Gold, Honor Card II*1, Reputation Card II *1,Christmas Seed*1
Event 4:Hello 2015 - The Pet Training Daily
[Goal]: Train your petevery day: (0/20)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, once the training of your pets reaches 20 times every day, you will get reward! (It contains the normal gold training and Dragon Gold training).
50k Gold, Honor*1000,Spell Attack Gem I, Snowflake*1
Event5: Happy Recharging Event!
[Goal]: Recharge the required amount of Dragon Gold in one transaction!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who recharge required amount of Dragon Gold in one transaction will receive additional Dragon Gold! (The bonus Dragon Gold is not counted into the VIP experience.)
Note: Bonus can be claimed repeatedly through multiple recharges!
[Event Bonus]:
Amount Bonus
50DG~200DG 5%,Christmas Seed *1
201 DG - 500DG 8%,Snowflake*1
501 DG - 2000 DG 10%,Snowflake*3
2001 DG - 4000DG 12%,Snowflake*5
4000 DG or more 15%,Demon Shard I*2
Special Event: Christmas – Collect For Exchange!
[Event Duration]: January 13th 0:00– January 31th 23:59 (Server Time)
During the Christmas Event time, you can collect the item “snowflake” from the daily events then exchange different rewards by different amount.
Collect snowflake *1 will exchange:Small Treasure Box*5
Collect snowflake *10 will exchangeCandy*3,Great Glory Pack*2,Hit Gem I*1
Collect snowflake *50 will exchangeChocolate*3,Dragon Gold*5, 1000K Gold;Hp Gem II*1
Collect snowflake *100 will exchange2000Kgold, Potion V Pack*1,Dragon Gold*15,Skill Attack Gem IV*1
Collect snowflake *200 will exchangeDragon Gold*50, Immediate upgrade scroll*1, Attack gem gift IV *1
Collect snowflake *300 will exchangeChristmas Iris*1,Hp Gem V*1
Collect snowflake *228 will exchange:Yeti (Festival Pal)